Inside Hope Project

sponsored by The Bauer Fund

Young people in foster care are usually forced to carry their only and most prized possessions in a trash bag. When going to a foster care home, they are already nervous and scared. By providing a suitcase and some toiletries, it will assist to meet both the physical and emotional needs of these children. It will give them a sense of normalcy and belonging that is lacking in their lives. According to The Inside Hope Project founder, long-time advocate and educator, Pam Reynolds, “Arriving at a new home with something that is theirs helps them feel they belong”.


Although this project is just a drop int the bucket of helping foster care young people get through facing the unknown, it can help make their transition just a little bit easier and more dignified. Research shows that more than 30% of homeless people in the United States were previously in foster care. Pam says, “I want these kids to know that someone cares for them”. Ownership of their own suitcase with their own belongings goes a long way in providing dignity and restore their capacity that they are not forgotten.


To obtain a “Care Case” please fill out the form and its application will be reviewed. Arrangements for pick-up or postage will be made if selected.

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